July 18, 2004


Innocent Akufor

You are, and was meant to be a great writer. What are you doing in Poland. Is it more open to practice your gifted profession without any hurdles. It was refreshing reading your page. God bless you.


If you survived all these things you went through, then Nothing should ever stand between your pen and paper. I doubt if you are going to see worse. Just always write the truth. "Speak the truth and it shall set you free".
God bless and strenghten you.

Ba Kuvima

Yours is an amazing escape from death. La Republique du Cameroun has perfected the art of "State Terrorism" and is an instrument of French Neocolonialism in Africa.

Keep the faith and join your brethren to support the de-annexation of Britich Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun. http://fdrsoutherncameroons.org.

Ba Kuvima
European Co-ordinator, Paris.

Gosia Borkowska

Hello, my name is Malgorzata Borkowska. Heard about You from Sanford Biggers. Am a journalist working for polish TRYBUNA daily national newspaper. I would like to meet you and learn more about your story. You can contact me at gosik24@yahoo.com
or 505 477 023
Kind regards, Malgorzata Borkowska

Ntswaki Ngwenya

Hi Simon,

I was browsing around the net and your name came up, got interested more when i read the story about Daniel Feist. I met him in SA when he was consulting for one of the radio stations. Have to agree with you,he was a good man. May his soul rest in peace...

Anyway, I have to join in and say that you are a great writer. What are you doing in Poland, come to SA, you will be safe,anything goes! Keep me posted, the next time you decide to come visit the sunny MZANTSI.

ndzie samba beatrice regine

Hi just keep up doing. God ll award u 4 all u've gone through & he ll make sure they 1 day pay 4 it.&pls send the story of Dinga who died in gastric motor accident.Ttake care.

kabuin k. carl

Hi Simon,
You are indeed the true son of our fathers.We have just too many stories to tell about the slavery in which we are living in cameroon today. i suppose there is a day called "THE DAY" and that day will be called "Blessed"
May God bless you brother.

I have collected some of these evils and i'm currently shearing with thousands worldwide through my blognote, www.tagworld.com/cabuin

Sola Onumah

Mol,your story is really inspirational.I can relate to most of the things that happened to you in Ghana.Aluta continua, victoria acerta brother!.

Julius Herbst

Keep up with the good work of informing and educating the entire universe. Where we came from is so unique to us. Don't forget how we lived our lives in our own fatherland. I am proud of you and Molyko will be proud of you as well. (mama, auntie, I want ...)

ROGERSON NTOR-UE, toronto, canada

great site.

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