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July 18, 2004


Zygmunt Stoberski

I like Simon . I am delighted with his poetry
Iadmire his courage in every situation and friendliness . I will never forget him as my friend , Zygmunt Stoberski

Hope Kale Ewusi

A random online querry lead me to this site that chronicles the travails and literary endeavours of my tribal kinsman and compatriot Simon Moleke Mo Njie !This chance encounter, albeit through this most impersonal medium underscores the cosmic logic that invariably facilitates the union of kindred spirits.

Prolific journalist/poet and adventurer, the story of your life and your poetry that you've shared with us has enriched our lives in ways you may never imagine. I share your passion for poetry even though my vocation engages for the most part my emperical faculties as an accountant . Let me direct you to a site www.poetry.com where I have posted a few of my poems. Please enter my name (Ewusi, Hope) in the slot, it will automatically link you to my poems.

My poems in my opinion are a private intimate and subjective endeavour that encompasses the broad spectrum of the human experience - a personal inquiry and journey through life approached through different mediums - spiritual, socio-political, metaphysical and utilitarian;some light hearted and whimsical, others profound and abtruse. It is is whithin this range that I believe everyone with whom I share my poems would find something that speaks to his or her heart....I hope you find pleasure in ample measure reading my poems the way I did reading yours.You inspire me to indulge this shared passion with zest - I look forward to publishing my first collection of poems - 50 poems so far, in two volumes. I play classical guitar and electric rythm and bass .I perform with local reggae and Afro jazz fusion bands here in Atlanta Ga USA.
It is my sincere wish that through this chance encounter may ensue a true and meaningfull freindship.

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